THEDifference Music Group is the Parent Company to Record Labels DIE TRYIN’ RECORDS (Hip-Hop & Rap) and DEL BLOQUE RECORDINGS (Reggaeton & Latin Music).

THEDifference provides artists with EXCLUSIVE RECORD AND PROMOTIONAL DEALS. Whether you are looking to release a single or album, THEDifference is always shown.

Our Label is what it stands for; THE DIFFERENCE. By providing artists with exclusive distribution and record deals our labels aim at empowering artists.

THEDifference Music Group works in collaboration with various corporations and entities in the music world.

From foundations like “Shoot For The Stars” and “Love Life” to collaborating with others like Music Connection Magazine and Vevo Music Videos. Our distribution aims to target over 100 Countries and our campaigns deliver to 150+ digital stores including Apple Music and Spotify.

Our Partners in the industry allow our music to be reached by Influencers working for Radio stations like HOT 97 (NEW YORK), HITS 973 (MIAMI) HOT 1079 (ATL), 979 THE BOX (HOUSTON), 106 KMEL (SAN FRAN), 1053 THE BEAT (ATL), and POWER 923 (CHICAGO).

Working in the area of criminal defence law in recent years our mission is Social Justice. Growing up in the Projects around violence and racism, we understand what most of these artists have experienced. We are unwavering and resilient in our approach and won’t stop until these social demands are fulfilled. Through our Record Labels and Corporations we provide artists an opportunity at success and strongly believe in cultural shift and setting the trend for our peers.

THEDifference Music Group is relentless in this mission of promoting and supporting all artists with their gifted and unique talents ready to be showcased to the world.

THEDifference Music to the WORLD, DIE TRYIN’ from BROOKLYN and DEL BLOQUE desde PUERTO RICO.

Note: The Grammy like symbol for The Difference MG is representative of Pop Smoke. Pops legendary record “Dior” was Grammy Nominated for the 63rd Annual Awards. This was held on March 14, 2021, a year after his death. In his remembrance, we embrace this nomination because he was unable to be there and in our eyes he will always be the Winner.


Downtown: Suite 2 244 5th Avenue Manhattan, New York 10001 United States

Main: Suite 444 7 Marcus Garvey Blvd Brooklyn, New York 11206 United States


San Juan, Puerto Rico: Metro Park Office Suite 203 Park 7, Calle 1 00966 U.S Territory

Miami, Florida: 4300 Biscayne Blvd 33137 United States

Europe: W 70 Giorgio Washington. MI, Milan. Italy


Luxembourg City: 53 Boulevard Royal Luxembourg 2449

London: Floor 2, Berkeley Square House. Berkeley Square, London W1J 6BD UK