DIE TRYIN’ RECORDS is a hip hop and rap music record label originating from Brooklyn, New York. Our Vision is discovering artists within the culture for a chance at success.

Our Record Label is founded on the remembrance of infamous rapper Bashar Jackson professionally known as Pop Smoke. The friendship held between our founder and Bashar Jackson was one of the truest in his life as he describes and someone he will forever hold in his heart. “If anyone knows B, they know that he would do anything for anyone without anything in return” and that is our purpose with this label.

“Vision Is The Art Of Seeing What Is Invisible To Others”

A Tribute To B.

To Begin, the manner in which Bashar Jackson passed away. B “Died Trying” on the Phone with the Ambulance as he gasped his final breathes away. This moment marks the Beginning of this Record Label. The Moment which established the name. A Devastating and Tragic Moment for Family & Friends and also one which Changed the Music Industry Completely. Bashar was Very loved by Everyone and for this to have Occurred is still Unbelievable to All.

Secondly, yet Equally as Important, the name Die Tryin’ Records also stands for Curtis Jackson (50 Cent). With Respect to Curtis, in 2005 he Released the Movie “Get Rich or Die Tryin”. The Film depicted a reflection of his rough upbringing. Never Giving Up being one of the Films Main Messages. Moments in his life which most of us in this Industry or not can relate to.

Foundational to the establishment of the Record Label was 50 Cents Guidance and Assistance in Bashars Career Development. Asides from being one of his Executive Producers on his Debut Album “Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon”, he also played a Vital Role in his Personal Life. Fifty was the Main individual who assisted Bashar with his Street Tendencies. He taught B how to Change his life and how to Survive what he was Living at the time and had lived prior to all the Fame. Through Music and Given Talent, he was able to Channel his lived experiences and Fifty is one to Thank First. He believed in Bashar and even saw a prodigy of himself as he continued to Mentor his Career and Guide Him with Life.

Through Both theses Visions, our founder was able to combine these life experiences from Both individuals into what is now known as Die Tryin’ Records.

Finally, as all of us here Believe in Jesus, he Too Died Trying For All of Us. The Label Stands with God Eternally as a Remembrance of how Grateful we Must be.

Our Skillful Team of A&R’s personally scout for talent in The Projects with One principle in mind. “By providing artists with exclusive distribution and record deals our labels aim at empowering artists.”

DIE TRYIN’ RECORDS strives to succeed for its artists by distributing, marketing and promoting their music through all Major Music Channels like Apple and Spotify but also through Personal connections. As part of our Artist Campaigns, our artists are provided with Radio station promotion through influencers social media accounts working directly with HOT 97 (NEW YORK), HITS 973 (MIAMI) HOT 1079 (ATL), 979 THE BOX (HOUSTON), 106 KMEL (SAN FRAN), 1053 THE BEAT (ATL), and POWER 923 (CHICAGO).

As an emerging and new Record Label incorporated in 2023, DIE TRYIN’ RECORDS and Martin Urraburu stood out to the Public resulting in being privately selected for a candidacy screening with Forbes Under 30 Local Lists 2023 ®️.

Our Record Label is the existence of future Hip-Hop Stars and our Vision is to create equality within such a diverse industry for all Artists.

DEL BLOQUE RECORDINGS is a Record Label focusing on Latin Music. Whether Reggaeton or Rap, our artists bring a unique blend to the culture.

DEL BLOQUE RECORDINGS translating to “ From The Block “ manifests this harsh reality into a blossoming Career. Our artists understand what it is to grow up under privileged and without opportunities. Their artistry and realities bring a sense of renewal to the industry and talent that cannot be overlooked.

DEL BLOQUE RECORDINGS focuses on creating new chances for artists by distributing, marketing and promoting music on all major music platforms giving them their spot to shine.

Our Distribution targets 100 Countries plus and to over 150 Digital Stores including Apple and Spotify.

Hailing all the way from San Juan, Puerto Rico, DEL BLOQUE RECORDINGS is here with a profound impact for generations to come.

opera & co

At its core, Opera & Co. is a concert company (hiring talent) and hosting pop up concerts . 

Opera & Co. brings up and coming Hip-Hop, Rap and Reggaeton Artists a new experience. Operas vision is to successfully host Pop-Up Parking Lot concerts across the United States beginning with its native and inception state of New York.

Opera & Co. is also in the process of acquiring a commercial location in Tribeca, Manhattan and look to establish for years to come.


Wilson Heights – Toronto, Canada – Green P Parking Lot.

Fiesta Extravangaza is a multi-cultural event privately hosted but publicly held across Canada in Various locations.

Opera & Co. collaborated with Fiesta Extravaganza in its concept of hosting this specific and special event held in the Green P Parking lot. Fiesta Extravaganza was a Hit for the community with major sponsors such as BMO (Bank of Montreal) supporting the event.

Contact: [email protected]


Downtown: Suite 2 244 5th Avenue Manhattan, New York 10001 United States

Main: Suite 444 7 Marcus Garvey Blvd Brooklyn, New York 11206 United States


San Juan, Puerto Rico: Metro Park Office Suite 203 Park 7, Calle 1 00966 U.S Territory

Miami, Florida: 4300 Biscayne Blvd 33137 United States

Europe: W 70 Giorgio Washington. MI, Milan. Italy


Luxembourg City: 53 Boulevard Royal Luxembourg 2449

London: Floor 2, Berkeley Square House. Berkeley Square, London W1J 6BD UK